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TACT Training

Dealing with domestic abuse and cultural trauma.

The introduction of the accredited Train the Trainer course for the Creating Equalz Talking Abuse & Cultural Trauma Programme (TACT) in Northamptonshire is indeed a significant step forward in addressing the needs of Black women dealing with domestic abuse and cultural trauma. By offering this course, the initiative not only expands its reach but also ensures sustainability and scalability by empowering individuals, organizations, and community groups to deliver the program effectively.

Cultural competency is crucial in any program aimed at supporting marginalized communities, especially when addressing sensitive issues such as domestic abuse and
cultural trauma. By providing training that emphasizes cultural sensitivity and understanding, the Train the Trainer course equips facilitators with the necessary tools to navigate these complex issues with empathy and effectiveness.

TACT Training

Creating spaces for open dialogue

This initiative not only fills a critical gap in the support available for Black women but also challenges the taboo surrounding these topics within many communities. By creating spaces for open dialogue and providing targeted support, the TACT program promotes healing and empowerment among those who have historically been underserved and overlooked.

Overall, the introduction of the Train the Trainer course marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to address domestic abuse and cultural trauma within the Black community. It demonstrates a commitment to inclusive and culturally responsive approaches to support those in need and paves the way for greater awareness, understanding, and ultimately, positive change. The training is open to individuals, organisations, professionals, advocates, and community groups working with Black women.