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12 Week Group Programme

Sexual Violence Recovery Toolkit Programme

The Sexual Violence Recovery Toolkit programme has been developed for women who have experienced acquaintance, dating, and stranger rape.

It is an evidence-based programme that supports clients to be the expert, and at the centre of their own recovery.

The 12-week group programme uses trauma-informed practice and a psycho-educational approach to enable clients to move forward from the trauma of experiencing sexual violence. It supports participants to develop positive lifestyle coping strategies, restoring a sense of safety and enabling people to return to active citizenship.

This programme will incorporate diverse cultural traditions and practices and is aimed at women with the following backgrounds – Caribbean, African, Asian and Mixed Heritage.

Programme Aims

To help individuals who have experienced sexual violence and are in a position to take part in a group to come to terms with their experiences and to develop a positive coping
strategies and lifestyle.

The programme supports participants to better understand their experience, based on the theory that with increased knowledge the better equipped participants are to deal with the impact of it and therefore their own recovery and well-being.