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Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit

A 12-week Plan To Help People Thrive After Domestic Abuse

Many people who leave an abusive relationship behind are affected by that former relationship in many ways.

Perhaps you feel guilty when making decisions on your own? You may worry about what motivates others to befriend you? Maybe your children are having to re-learn who it is that’s the adult in the room now that your ex-partner has gone from their lives.

This programme will incorporate diverse cultural traditions and practices and is aimed at women with the following backgrounds – Caribbean, African, Asian and Mixed Heritage.

The toolkit was written by Sue Penna founder of Rockpool

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Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit

Have you left an abusive relationship
Are you still carrying guilt?
Would you like to understand, challenge and remove the voice of the perpetrator?
Do you find dealing with new people in your life something to be scared about?
Do you still think what happened to you was your fault?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to the above questions you are not alone.

Programme Overview




What is abuse?


Introduction to self-esteem


Self-esteem, coping and the consequences of toxic stress.


The effects of abuse on children and parenting skills.


Self-esteem and affirmations. The power of positive self-talk.


Anger and conflict. What about being assertive?


Anger and conflict. Assertiveness revisited.


Boundaries and trust. Protecting ourselves and those we love.


Losses and gains.


Healthy relationships


Actions for the future

Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit

A 12-Week Plan To Help People Thrive After Domestic Abuse

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