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Creating Equalz

Meaningful Solutions to Race , Gender & Health Inequalities

Our Programmes

Race Equality based packages creating an evidence base of needs within Black & Minoritised Communities within the UK.


Carefully selected, culturally engaging, often bespoke developed. Creating Equalz, programmes respond to the growing challenges around cultural trauma.


A solution focused approach to support organisations/strategists alter their delivery to respond to the needs and improve outcomes around cultural trauma.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Quality standard approaches to ensuring the train the trainer programmes are consistently aligned to cultural trauma and delivered at high standard.

Our Projects

Over 500 people trained from all walks of life.


Salsa Sisters Wellness Journey

Designed specifically for Black women looking to improve their health and wellness.
Domestic AbuseWomen's Empowerment

Esteem Women

Educating Sisters to Evaluate and Emancipate Themselves Mentally

An FGM Covid Summer

Online resources for schools fgm risk assessment

Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

I felt this course was brilliant, gave us ways to identify and approach the topic of FGM

Fantastic facilitator, with wonderful delivery skills-content and resources were amazing

I did the online course, but wow, this was amazing, every school needs this training

Your approach was passionate, your knowledge of FGM was extensive. Thank you so much!

I loved the interactive session, what was great was that there was no PowerPoint death!